WE - Beretta M92 GBB Pistol - Black

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GAS airsoft pistol with Blow Back system. Full metal replica of model Beretta M92 from WE. Known model service pistol, under the name M9, is in firearms performance for years introduced service in the US ARMY. For the most common full-size version Beretta is very typical of a recess on the upper slide. Like any GBB pistols have, among other things realistic disassembly, functional bolt catches and a two-sided SAFE lever on the slide. Pleasant and holding certain to help increase the weight of the model and ingeniously roughened grip on the surface of the grip.

  • Approximate Range: 50 Meters
  • BlowBack: Yes
  • Caliber: 6 mm
  • Fire Mode: Safe/Semi-auto
  • Gun Length: 216 mm
  • Gun Weight: 1040 Gram
  • Hop-Up Perform: adjustable hop-up
  • Inner Barrel Length: 115 mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 25 Rounds BB
  • Muzzle velocity specified by manufacturer: 300FPS on 0.20g bb
  • Propellant GAS: Puff Dino 12kg