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How to Make an Online Order for GUNS ONLY

A mail order form is required with any Airsoft Gun purchase for all online and phone orders. This is required by the law since November 2015. Definition: The term “Mail Order” is to be taken to apply to any sale / transfer (supply) of firearms, airguns or ammunition which does not take place face to face. It includes any transaction where the seller is unable to view and handle the purchaser’s (receiver’s) physical firearms licence (or evidence of age in the case of airguns) and to simultaneously compare the photo likeness to the person. It applies to sales arranged over the internet, for example, as well as to transactions by physical mail.
Applying for Proof of Age, or Verification of a ID / Firearms Licence (If applicable) 
The following process relates to the non-face to face transfer (sale or supply) of standard sporting Airguns.
Ask the Police Arms Officer at your nearest district police station for further advice if required.


 Step 1: Take a completed form into the nearest Police Station:

Use the Mail order on-line form we provided (link below), and deliver it in person once completed. The accepting Police Member will:


• Check that you have supplied sufficient information, otherwise verification will not proceed.

For Airguns sales, this includes enough detail for Police to identify the seller / supplier. A minimum of their firearms licence number, first name and surname, and an exact description of the goods.


• Verify your details on the form with your Drive's licence or Passport or Other Government issued photo ID or Firearm licence (if applicable).

• Give the completed form to Police Member for them to forward the form to the District Arms Officer for completion and transmission direct to the retailer.


Step 2: The District Arms Officer will then:

• Verify the seller's details.

• Verify your details.

• Verify your delivery address

• Verify your age

• Endorse the Form. PAGE 3 OF 3 S. 43A Guide for Applicants Mail Order Sales: November 2015 Step 3: If you meet all of the requirements of the Arms Act 1983, the Police will email your form direct to the seller*.


*NB: Only a “Mail Order form” from a Police email address, or the original, certified by the Police District Arms Officer and mailed direct to the seller, will satisfy the Arms Act requirement for the seller to take reasonable steps to ascertain whether you are a holder of a firearms licence, or in the case of an airgun, are of or over the age of 18 years



Mail Order Form


Guide for Applicants