Airsoft Gun Maintenance Guide

Care and maintenance of an AEG

(Automatic electric gun)


Care for your battery


  • Never Charge a lipo battery for more than one and a half hours.
  • Never completely discharge a lipo battery. If the AEG fire rate starts to slow down and become sluggish, cease use of the battery and charge before using again.
  • You can leave the battery inside the gun but unplug it when not in use and before storing the gun. This is for safety purposes and because the battery will eventually drain.


Care for your AEG


  • Always clear the gun after use by removing the magazine (a few BB’s may fall out of the mag well) and firing a couple of shots in SEMI in a safe direction.
  • If the gun has been shot in AUTO, put it to SEMI and fire a couple of shots before storing the gun. This is to decompress the spring and increase the life of your AEG.
  • Never excessively dry fire your AEG, especially in AUTO. This will cause internal damage to the gun and is not covered by warranty.
  • Only ever use high quality, high polished, seamless BB’s. Re-using BB’s or Use of poor quality BB’s may damage your gun and void its warranty.
  • DO NOT disassemble your AEG; this will void its warranty.
  • Avoid long durations of automatic fire. Fire the AEG in short burst’s to increase the life of your AEG.


  • Physical damage is not covered by warranty; even real guns can break if they are thrown around!


Care and maintenance of a GBB

(Gas blow back airsoft gun)


Care for your Gun


  • It is essential to maintain and lubricate a GBB airsoft gun. Only ever use pure silicon oil to lubricate the gun. Use of other oils such as WD40, real gun oil can cause damage to the seals and orings inside of the gun.
  • A thin layer of silicon oil on all moving parts is optimal for performance.
  • Avoid getting silicon into the barrel and hop up chamber at all times. This can affect the guns accuracy and performance.
  • The oring or “piston lid” inside the loading nozzle HAS to be well lubricated at all times. The loading nozzle is usually black and located at the rear of the slide in GBB pistols and inside the bolt on GBB rifles. If this oring is not kept lubricated it will eventually dry up and shrink and deform causing the nozzle to jam and result in a loss of performance and efficiency and possibly break the loading nozzle.
  • Dry firing GBB’s is not recommended as it increases the wear and tear on the internals.
  • Do not fire your GBB if the magazine is especially warm. Airsoft gas expands under heat and if fired through your gun can cause irreversible damage to the internal components.
  • Do not fire your GBB if the magazine is extremely cold. It will result in low fps, performance and can cause orings and seals to freeze and break.
  • Do not force a fully loaded magazine into the gun without pulling the slide or bolt back first. Failure to do so can result in damage to the loading nozzle or feeding lips on the magazine.
  • Only ever use the recommended gas in the gun. Guns with plastic slides should only ever be used with HFC 134a gas. Using any other type of gas is done so at the risk of the user and will result in the warranty being voided.
  • Do not disassemble the gun beyond a basic field strip for servicing. There are many small parts inside a GBB and can be easily lost or damaged if improperly removed or installed.
  • Only ever use high quality, high polished, seamless BB’s. Re-using BB’s or Use of poor quality BB’s may damage your gun and void its warranty.



Care for your magazines


  • To charge your magazines with gas they need to be upside down. The gas in the bottle is stored in a liquid form and needs to “flow” into the magazine in that state. Charging the magazine upright will result in only a partial fill and the GBB will only fire a few shots before running out of gas.
  • Always store GBB magazine’s slightly pressurized but never full with gas. If the magazine is completely empty, a half second charge is sufficient to pressurize it for storage. If the magazine is full, fire a few shots through the gun to discharge some gas and drop the pressure. This is done to optimize the life of the seals and valves in the magazine.
  • Never discharge gas by pushing the top release valve. This can result in the freezing or dislodging of the valves orings.
  • Never pull and release the magazine follower without any BB’s inside the magazine. This may result in the follower and/or feeding lips breaking. This counts as physical damage and is not covered by warranty. Same goes for dropping the magazine. Even real guns magazines can break if dropped!


Transporting your Airsoft Gun


  • NEVER display your airsoft gun in public.
  • When transporting your Airsoft gun make sure it is a bag or box and out of sight of the public, failure to do so can result in a fine up to $3000, seizure and destruction of your Airsoft gun, and be charged with misuse of firearms with up to 6 months imprisonment.

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