WE - XDM Pistol Scope Mount - Black

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If you want to aim faster and speed up the reloading time with your XDM pistol? This rail mount and cocking handle set gives you an option.
WE red-dot/scope mount and cocking handle for XDM Pistol made of a full metal one piece construction rail mount with 7rail slots, which fit most of the red-dot sight and pistol scopes in the market. Comes with the package a CNC machined cocking handle for easier cock the gun, and speed up the reloading speed at the same time. The frame pins which are made of stainless steel, it also features as the mount screws. If you want to change your XDM pistol into a tactical look and easier to aim, this set may help.

Full Metal rail mount for attach Red Dot Sight / Scope.
CNC machined cocking handle for replace the original rear sight.
Compatible with WE XDM Series Gas Blow Back Pistol.
Reinforced frame pins also features as mount screws.

Dimension:Scope mount : 102mm x 56mm x 29mm ; Cocking handle: 51mmx 9mm x 8mm
Compatible model:WE XDM GBB pistol Series