Waldo Customs "Buff" Short Stroke Kit - AAP-01

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This kit includes two degrees of hardness of buffers, yellow and black, and a washer (to shim just a little bit easier and create a barrier between your recoil spring and the BUFF kit). Additionally, the yellow buffers are slightly thicker than the black, allowing you to create even more combinations of recoil and cycle style.


This kit was designed in mind for those players who truly want to exceed with their cycle speed, allowing for full customisation of how their AAP01 performs. This paired with our "Snappy Boi" recoil spring can create incredible results, especially in full auto.


The kit can also be utilised to allow for a short stroke set up that still allows for lock back upon an empty mag.



- 1 slim metal washer

- 3 yellow buffers 

- 5 black buffers  



Installation may require instructions.