VFC Umarex - Glock 17 Gen 5 Fully Licensed Gas Blow Back Pistol

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This is the grandfather of the GLOCK pistols, the model that came at the very start. The original fired 9-mm rounds, and this licensed replica shoots 6-mm pellets which exit the barrel with a maximum energy of 1 joule. If you want to see what made this weapon such a classic, you can strip it just like the original. The heavy metal slide is visually impressive and brings the weight up to a hefty 650 g. Thanks to blowback and an adjustable shoot-up, you feel like you are shooting the real thing. The GLOCK 17 is a collector item and a must-have for all GLOCK fans.

· Authentic replica
· Suitable for standard holsters (Safariland and Blackhawk)
· CNC-milled aluminum slide
· Gas blowback
· Single and Double Action

Caliber 6 mm BB
Magazine capacity 23 shot(s)
Energy <1,0 Joule(s)
Length 204 mm
Weight 649 g