UAS RPTR™ High Refresh Regulator with Wide Bore Hose

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Unlimited Airsoft has teamed up with Imperial Customs and Precision in bringing this RPTR™ High Refresh Rate Regulator to the market.

Thorough research has been done to this regulator to bring the best regulator in the market terms of refresh rate, compact size and straight forward operation compared to its competitors.

Components have been reinforced making this regulator tougher and reliable yet maintaining a more cost effective price point.

-Durable CNC Aluminum and Stainless construction.

-Easy access Turn On and Turn Off adjustment screw.

-150psi Pressure Gauge

-Tournament Lock

-Better internal pressure system which maintains better pressure regulation.

-High Refresh Rate

 Please loosen the adjustable screw first, and then connect it to the HPA tank, so that the gauge will not be damaged, otherwise it may cause the gauge to fail.


***Will fit most HPA tanks.