Tokyo Marui AA-12 Trishot Full auto AEG

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  • Injection molded polymer body with integrated metal alloy inner frame for improved durabilty
  • Proprietary tri-shot AES gearbox fires three rounds per trigger pull in semi-auto
  • Tri-barrel configuration with individual hop-ups allows for fine tuning of range and accuracy
  • Integrated FET protects trigger switch
  • Wired to the stock
  • Full auto firing capability puts withering firepower in the users hands
  • 90 round drop free magazine
Length - 840mm
Weight - 3900g
Inner Barrel - x3 Inner Barrels 6.03mm
Inner Barrel Length - 270mm
Magazine Capacity - 93 Rounds
Power Source - Electric Battery Powered
Battery Plug - Small Tamiya.
Blowback - No
Shooting Modes - Semi, Full Auto (1 Shot = 3 BBs)
Hop-up - Adjustable by opening breach
Magazine Compatibility - Tokyo Marui AA-12 Magazine, Tokyo Marui 3000Rnd Drum Magazine for AA-12 & SGR-12.
FPS - 260