T-N.T. APS-X System KWA-MP7 Retrofit kit - 370mm

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T-N.T. System KWA-MP7 Retrofit kit - 370mm

??mprove within the original pipe fixation instability factors.(original pipe easy to shake)
??mprove the original inner barrel specifications of special factors.(Original OD 8mm)
??he inner barrel can be common in all T-N.T. Precision Air cushion inner barrel series (conventional ,OD 8.5mm)
??mprove the HOP-UP effectiveness of the original.
??ith a special adapter (12mm CW thread to 14mm CCW thread) , the appearance of more diversified!!

With "T-N.T. System KWA-MP7 exclusive Located Directional Rubber "

BB into rubber's position more precise

Significantly increasing the accuracy and effective range!!

Let your KWA-MP7 create endless possibilities!!