Puff Dino Water Repellent For Fabric

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PUFF DINO OUTDOOR Water Repellent, with Lotus Effect, creates a durable barrier on the fabric and leather surface to keep the water out.
This clear and breathable film can repel the water at once, none water will enter the hole of fabric. This film is also antifouling.
Designed for outdoor fabrics and leather equipment, it will form a waterproof and breathable protective layer on the surface of the equipment. It not only protects against dew and rain in the wild or mountains, but also has antifouling effect and keeps the items dry and clean.
Applying on the water-proof fabric (e.g. umbrella、camp、shelter) can get the water slip down easily and fast, almost none residual water and can be put away well.


  • Breathable : Keep the fabric breathable and soft.
  • Totally Clear : Not affect the appearance of the item, show the color of the object.
  • Apply Easily : Just 20 minutes can form the effect. It takes about 1 hour to form the best result.
  • Durable : The effect can last for about 1 to 2 months.
  • Odorless : After drying, it has no smell.


  • Camping equipment - camp, shack, umbrella.
  • Airsoft - combat boots, tactical backpacks, gun bags, tactical vests, helmets, shawls, sundries bags, gun straps, camouflage suits, tactical gloves, etc.
  • Outdoor activities - hiking boots, snow boots, sneakers, hiking backpacks, hats.


  • cloth、fabric、leather


1. Keep the object all dry and none oil.
2. Shake the can before use. Spray evenly over the surface from the distance of 10-15cm, make sure all the surface is completely damp.
3. Leave to dry for about 10-20 minutes, and will offer the basic effect. It will form the best effect after 1 hour.
4. If the effect getting not so good after a period of time, just respray.


  • Volume : 420ml
  • Product Size: 6.0 cm x 6.0 cm x 24.3 cm