Puff Dino - #003 Flat Black Camo Paint 220ml

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Model spray paint, firearm spray paint, military paint, Matte paint,Paint for guns

Special design for any type of guns and models to spray with camouflage color. By using fine grinding pigment, it makes an extremely thin coating with great adhesion and covering rate.
Puff Dino Camo spray paint allows users to easily color their guns and model. With quick dry paint, it will shorten process time.

Special Features

  • Natural Color: Camouflage into a natural environment and stay unseen.

  • Quick Dry: The quick dry paint makes it easier to overlap color when sprayed.

  • Fine Coating Layer: Thin and refinement coating layer.


How to use

  • Use sandpaper or other abrasive products to abrade the object surface to ensure adhesion, especially if there is old paint coated on the object.

  • We suggest removing the grease and dust after abrading the object. Wait for it to dry before you spray.

  • Use masking tape to cover parts that do not need to be sprayed and remove it after it's been painted.

  • Shake the spray can for 10 seconds to get a good mix inside the can before spraying.

  • Press the nozzle and keep the nozzle 10-15cm above the object when spraying. Try to maintain the distance and moving speed when spraying. Spray multiple times with a thin layer to achieve best results.

  • Leave to dry for 10 minutes between every spray.