Laylax Prometheus Multi fit 8mm Bearings

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Prometheus 8mm Bearings

●Made in Japan - precision cut, high strength
●Perfect for fine tuning your build

This high precision 8mm bearing for your gearbox shell reduces friction on your gears thus keeping your gearset stable, and aligned for maximum performance.

The bearings come with a thickness of 2.5mm to prevent any interference with your selector plate and reduces the need for any modifying of your gearbox shell. Additionally, due to the shallow thickness of the bearings, you can fine tune your shimming even more for a precise fit.

■Brand: Prometheus

■Included: 8mm Bearings x6

・Diameter: 8mm
・Thickness: 2.5mm

■Compatibility: 8mm AEGs
・CM16 Series
・GC16 Series
・Fire Hawk
・Other 8mm AEGs
※Please be aware that not all models are 8mm, such as the (Fire Hawk HC5).