Earmor - M30 NRR 22 Hearing Protectors Ear Muffs for Shooting and Hunting

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AS/NZS 1270:2002
Acoustics Hearing Protectors

Tactical Hearing Protection for Shooters, Military, and Law Enforcement

OPSMEN M30 Earmor Features

The new OPSMEN Earmor M30 Electronic Ear Muffs provide hearing protection and enhancement for hunters, shooters, military, and law enforcement. The M30 gives you a tactical edge, amplifying safe sounds so you can hear better with the ear muffs on. But when a dangerous blast noise occurs, sound compression kicks in to suppress the sound, defending your ears against dangerous gun shot noise. With their low-profile fit, rugged construction, and simple controls, this is a high-quality hearing protector any shooter will appreciate.

Protection from Hearing Damage

The OPSMEN M30 features an electronic noise cancelling mechanism that protects your ears from gun blast noise. In fact, the M30 suppresses all noise over 82 dB, making these electronic ear muffs a good choice for industrial applications in addition to shooting and hunting. With loud noise suppressed, the M30's passive NRR 22 protection can keep your hearing safe and undamaged. The OPSMEN M30 is perfect for wear in noisy environments, and it is especially well-suited for defense against hazardously loud impulse noise.

Sound Amplification for Enhanced Hearing

While the M30 protects your ears, it also allows for clear hearing and accurate hearing. These ear muffs amplify low-volume sounds, giving you an edge up on your prey. The OPSMEN M30 employs a 360º omni-directional microphone to capture true directional sound, significantly enhancing your situational awareness. The mic is recessed to minimize wind noise and prevent damage. And when it comes to communicating or listening to range commands, dynamic voice tracking brings speech into crystal clarity, helping you discern what is being said better with the ear muffs on than you could with your naked ears.

Simple Controls for Easy Use

OPSMEN M30 Hearing Protectors are extremely simple to use, so no special experience or expertise is required to use this high-quality hearing protection. The stepless volume control is smooth and precise, allowing you to have total mastery over the volume - no more settling for "close enough."

Comfortable, Low-Profile, and Rugged

These ear muffs are designed for mobility, comfort, and effectiveness. The low-profile ear cups allow for unimpeded aiming, firing, and movement. The entire headset is light-weight, so your hearing protection will never slow you down. When it comes to comfort, the ergonomic ear cushions are firm enough to form a tight seal against noise, but soft enough to remain comfortable for hours of wear.

OPSMEN prides itself on reliability, and the M30 is built to survive. The 3mm thick polycarbonate shell over each earcup provides extreme durability, protecting the electronics inside. These ear muffs are impact resistant and IPX-5 water resistant to perform in demanding conditions.

Foldable design for compact storage and transport.

Music Listening & More

OPSMEN M30 Ear Muffs also allow you to listen to music in the workplace or in the field. A standard 3.5mm AUX input audio jack allows you to connect to a smart phone or other sound source, so you can listen to your heart's content while still keeping your ears safe. A generous 46" audio cable is included.

These electronic earmuffs require 2x 1.5V AAA batteries, and provide an impressive 350-hour runtime. A 4-hour auto shutoff saves the batteries between uses.