Lonex Enhanced Cylinder Set for MP5 series

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This Lonex Enhanced cylinder set offers a complete upgrade solution for immediate performance in a simple install kit. CNC machining and high quality O-rings help to achieve a tight air seal resulting in improved compression, helping not only your velocity, but also your shot to shot consistency. Lonex parts have long been a favorite among techs, and this kit is the perfect all-in-one performance enhancement you've been looking for.

Manufacturer: Lonex
Package Includes: Steel Cylinder, Double O-ring Cylinder Head, POM Piston head, Air nozzle
Material: Steel/Plastic


  • All-in-one compression parts upgrade
  • Double O-ring on Cylinder head ensures airtight seal
  • Reinforced POM Piston head offers increased durability
  • Ridged cylinder assists in heat dissipation