Laylax Prometheus Wide Use Metal Hopup Chamber

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Prometheus Wide Use Metal Chamber


●Stepless rotary-type hop up chamber
●Compact and highly versatile 


This rigid die-cast metal chamber is compatible with a wide range of M4 variant rifles. The rotary dial is stepless allowing for extremely precision hop adjustments to improve your accuracy. The included barrel clip fastens seamlessly to the chamber and barrel to prevent barrel wobble and rotation.




■Package Design/JAN:
・Prometheus: 4571443147011
・G&G: 4571443147028
・KRYTAC: 4571443147035


※The internals of the chambers are identical, only the package design differs. 


・Fire Hawk
・Fire Hawk HC05


KRYTAC M4 Series
※Not compatible with the KRISS Vector、TRIDENT47 CRB(TR47)


1. Attach the rotary dial to the back of the hop up chamber and attach the O-ring.
2. Place the bucking onto your barrel and insert the barrel into the opening of the chamber.
3. Attach the barrel clip and slide on the barrel ring. ※for KRYTACs, please use the original barrel spring instead of the barrel ring.
4. Insert the hop up nub or tensioner into the hop up window in the chamber.
5. Install the hop arm and secure it with the retaining pin.