ICS CXP-TOMAHAWK Bullpup Spring Sniper Rifle - Black

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● Bolt-Action

● The Stainless Steel 61cc Cylinder

● Three-way Adjustable TDC Hop Up Chamber

● CNC machined One-piece Metal Hop-Up

● MASTER MODS Inner Barrel and R-Hop Rubber

● Inner Barrel Stabilizer

● Quick-Detachable Hop Up & Outer Barrel Assembly

● Quick-Detachable Spring Guide

● Top Feeding Magazine (capacity 50 rounds)

● Trigger Safety

● Adjustable Cheek Rest

● Quick-Detachable Rubber Butt Pad



Length 910mm

Barrel length 510mm 

Muzzle velocity 393 FPS / 120ms 

Weight 2963g

Magazine capacity 50r

Material Engineering plastic 

Spring M120