ICS CES SD5 MP5 Fixed Stock AEG

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The ICS CES series SMGs are patterned after iconic SMGs that are widely used by militaries and law enforcement agencies around the world.  The CES series guns are lightweight, maneuverable, and easy to operate all the while shoots at a consistent FPS.  

The build quality is solid and the upper receiver works with TM MP5 style sight mounts allowing wider flexibility for the user to pair this gun with an assortment of red dot sights.  

Internally the gun uses a long type motor and shoots in semi and full-auto.  The hop-up adjustment is easy to access and you can find its mounting lever on the outside of the gun, next to the base of the outer barrel, this allows for faster adjustment.  The inner barrel is 230mm in length and 6.04mm in diameter.  

The battery compartment is found in the handguard and its space can facilitate larger-sized batteries.


● SD profile
● Aluminum Alloy Metal Receiver
● Integrated Gearbox
● High Battery Capacity Fix Stock 
● QD Stock Butt Cap design for easy battery installation


length 780mm

Barrel length 230mm 

Velocity 420FPS

Weight 2240g

Mag capacity 300 rounds

Material Full metal 

Motor axle Long