HFC - 18th Century Pirate Flintlock Gas Pistol - Gun Metal Grey

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  • Authentic 1:1 scale replica with about 300 fps power output
  • Highly detailed filigree enhances the pistols appearance and authenticity
  • Realistic functionality, works just like a real flint lock pistol (minus the gunpowder)
  • High quality metal alloy, imitation wood and polymer construction
  • Faux leather powder flask for storing BBs
  • Instruction manual comes in the appearance of an old parchment scroll
  • Great replica prop for nobility and pirates alike

Manufacturer: HFC

FPS Range: 260-300

Color: Silver


Material: Metal Alloy, Faux Wood
Length: ~425mm
Weight: 1180g
Gas: Green Gas
Magazine: 21 (Internal Magazine)
Package Includes: Pistol, Faux Leather Gunpowder Flask, Scroll of Instruction, Loading rod