KWA CM4 C4-10 Electric Recoil AEG + 2 MAGS

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The PTS Centurion Arms CM4 C4-10 by KWA features KWA's new AEG 3 system. This updated ERG simulates recoil via a proprietary Kinetic Feedback System. When used with the proprietary ERG/AEG 2.5 and AEG 3 magazine that is switchable between 30 or 120 round capacity, it is capable of an electrical auto cutoff when the last round is fired. If you are willing to fore-go the cut off, the CM4 C4-10 can still use any standard AEG magazine such as the PTS EPM for AEGs.

A quick-change spring system allows you to easily customize the FPS to your specific needs. Included as standard equipment for the CM4 AEG 3 are PTS's highly popular Enhanced Polymer Grip, Enhanced Back-Up Sight, Enhanced Polymer Magazine and Enhanced Polymer Stock.


  • Color Black
  • Power~380FPS
  • Dimension 720 mm (stock retracted), 800mm (stock extended)
  • Weight 3.30 KG
  • Hop-Up Adjustable
  • Magazine Capacity 30 / 120 rounds (Select) and one Hi cap magazine
  • Shooting Modes Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
  • Inner Barrel Length - 294mm
  • Rate of Fire 19+ RPS