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MAC-11 (Full name: Military Armament Corporation Model 11, aka M-11) is an open bolt? submachine gun or machine pistol developed in 1970s in US, which is a sub-compact version of the MAC-10 and chambered to fire the smaller .380 acp round.

It was built predominantly from steel stampings and has a telescoping bolt, which wraps around the barrel, makes this weapon finish in a compact size and balances the weight over the pistol grip when the magazine is located. However, the open bolt system it used result in a rapid rate of fire and the hard to control the muzzle climp.


Length: 253mm, 450mm (stock extended)
Barrel Length: 120 mm
Shooting Mode: Safety (Sepearted from the fire selector), Semi-Auto, Full-Auto
Power Source: Green gas
Weight (g): 1340 (gun with magazine)
Color: Black
Magazine Capacity: 50 + 1 rounds
Material: Metal and Plastic
Power: 330 FPS