Laylax - Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox Shell Ver.2 6mm Bearing

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EG Hard Gearbox Shell Ver.2  (6mm)

●Complete redesign of the classic version 2 gearbox for AEGs. The EG Hard Gearbox Shell has been designed from the ground up to solve many of the issues of past designs.


●New split panel design makes maintenance and custom builds much easier!
●Quick change spring system and included ball bearing spring guide.
●CNC Aluminum lower panel for the gearset.
●Upper panel for the compression unit.
●Aluminum alloy upper panel and main body.
●Shimming is now faster and easier.
●Labeled shell for quick reference of screw size and part orientation. 
●Pre-radiused front and rear.
●Overlapping panels to keep your parts from shifting, and maximizing your shimming.
●External wiring, no more pinion gear issues!
●High strength, reinforced main shell passed our 100,000 round test under Japanese joule standards and power.
●Interior shell is Teflon coated for  easier operation of your gears and compression parts.

●The quality of life gearbox everyone has been waiting for. Save yourself the time and the headaches of testing new parts and builds.

■Brand: Prometheus

・EG Hard Gearbox Shell
・Ball Bearing Quick Change Spring Guide
・M3x16 Screws x3
・M3x8 Screws x6
・Cut off Lever screw x1
・Trigger Unit Switch Screw x1
・Handgrip Screws x4

■Model Type:

・Tokyo Marui Standard Ver.2 AEGs
・Tokyo Marui Specification Ver.2 AEGs

※This gearbox shell is designed around Tokyo Marui specification AEGS, so modification may be required to install it into off-spec guns, be aware that the shell is not 100% compatible in all cases.
※Intended for advanced users and may require modification.