Action Army - AK AEG Inner Barrel Tight Bore 455mm - 6.01mm

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The Action Army High Precision Tight Bore Inner Barrel brings high quality at a great cost. These barrels are manufactured from High Grade Metal and then machined to perfection! The Action Army Tight Bore is essential for boosting the performance of your Airsoft AEG.

Increase Grouping / Accuracy.Increase Power / FPS.Increase Range / Distance (Maximum Range / Effective Range).Made out of High Quality Metal with Electroless Nickel Coating

Determining the barrel length you need:To estimate your inner barrel length. measure from where the magazine feeds in the bb, to the tip of your barrel or where you want your inner barrel to be. Subtract 5mm (for hopup unit). Generally you want it to be as long as possible for accuracy.Please Note:The bore of this barrel is so tight around the BB that even the smallest obstruction in the barrel will cause a jam when fired. This barrel is recommended ONLY for advanced/experienced players that take the responsibility to clean their barrels regularly in order to avoid jams.

Manufacturer: Action Army / Made in TaiwanOverall Length:: 455mm/17.91"Inner Diameter: 6.01mmCompatibility: All Marui Compatible AEG's that use Standard type AEG Inner Barrels such as G&G ICS VFC KWA H&K JG SRC UMAREX Class Army Echo 1.