48ci 3000PSI HPA Cylinder tank

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8 Cubic Inches (0.8 Liter) Alloy Tank

The most common tank for HPA Airsoft / paintball guns. This works on everything!


  • The All-In-One Revolutionary M3 regulator and tank systems
  • High Pressure Air System That Screws Directly to Your Gun
  • 3000psi Aluminum Cylinder with a Pre-set Output
  • Highest-Performance
  • Lowest-Profile
  • Lightest-Weight


– Rated for 3000 psi
– 800 psi output
– Low Profile Fill Nipple and Myth Micro Gauge for grip frame, ASA and drop forward clearance
– Only 3/4 inches (.75″) from bottle to ASA when screwed in!
– Lightweight… only 100gm!
– Virtually instantaneous recharge
– Rebuildable
– Replaceable tip