GladiatAir Aluminium 13ci 3000 Psi HPA Cylinder Tank

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The A13 mag feed air tank is the smallest in our range of paintball tanks.  It can fit inside some markers designed to take a cylinder inside the shoulder stock and is a very light weight cylinder for Airsoft Players.


Globally Certified enabling use in Australia, New Zealand, Europe & North America.


This mag deeg air tank will last your entire paintball playing lifetime and can then be resold to another player.


Manufactured from quality materials and to the highest international standards.

Product Code Description  Test  Service  Water  Diameter  Length  Weight
Pressure PSI Pressure PSI Capacity ci Capacity ltr mm mm KG
A13 13ci Aluminium mag feed air tank without regulator 4500 3000 13 0.21 50.0 +/-0.5 185 +/-2 0.3