G&G Gas Lee Enfield No.4 MK1 Green Gas Airsoft Sniper - Real Wood Version

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There have been quite a few Lee Enfield airsoft replicas out on the market now with notable makes like RWA, ARES and S&T making their own iterations of the famed Commonwealth bolt action rifle. However, most of those replicas are spring powered and may not fully demonstrate how smooth the real Lee Enfield operates, enter the G&G Lee Enfield No.4 MK1 Green Gas Airsoft Rifle!

This is G&G's take on the legendary Lee Enfield, since the gun is gas operated, the bolt pull is very smooth which is how a proper real Lee Enfield would operate as it is famous for its smooth action, now you can actually go and try to perform a mad minute without having to worry about the spring resistance because there isn't any at all! Speaking of gas operated, the G&G Lee Enfield takes gas from the butt of the rifle.


-Lightweight polymer receiver
-Real wood frame and stock 
-Pre-installed 6.04mm tight bore  inner barrel
-Stock gas reservoir eliminates the need to fill individual magazines
-Built-in hop up adjustment tool
-Includes specialized LE4 speed loader


Length: 1110mm
Weight: 3580g
Inner Barrel: Approx. 625mm
Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.04mm
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds (3 magazines included)

Gas Type: Green Gas
Fire Modes: Single Shot, Bolt Action
Hop up: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, 3x Magazines, Speed Loader, Manual