RA-TECH Magnetic Locking NPAS aluminum loading nozzle set for WE

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    • Including an aluminum loading nozzle, three nozzle tips, steel nozzle guide set and a tool.
    • 7075 CNC aluminum made
    • Compatible with WE M4/M16/416/T91 series GBB
    • This is a new version of RA-TECH patented Negative Pressure Adjustable System (a.k.a. NPAS) for WE AR series GBB. ​The loading nozzle is still made of 7075 CNC aluminum material adding with the new design of magnetic locking and exchangeable nozzle tip system. ​The magnetic locking system can stable the flute valve position and avoid the muzzle velocity dropping during vibration. ​Players can install different nozzle tips to get suitable muzzle velocity for different fields/games requirements.

    Muzzle velocity data range tested with WE M4 GBB (inner barrel 370mm)/0.2g bb/green gas:


    Red tip 0-145 m/s (approx. 475 fps)
    Blue tip 0-125 m/s (approx. 410 fps)
    Green tip 0-95 m/s (approx. 312 fps)

    • Recommended with Maple Leaf hop up buckings for better performance.
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