(not airsoft use) Gun Rifle Pistol Cleaning Brushes Kit Case

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Item Condition: Brand New 
Size: 12" x 9" x 3" 
The Universal Cleaning Kit is perfect for keeping your favorite firearms clean and long lasting. It features two sets of cleaning rods (one for pistol & rifle accessories and the other for shotgun accessories), two rod adapters, plastic T-handles for a sure grip, two slotted tips for patches, cleaning patches and 10 bronze bore brushes. It all comes in a easy to carry aluminum case with latches and carry handles. This cleaning kit can be used with bolt action rifles.
- 2 sets of cleaning rods
- 2 rod adapters, plastic T-handles for a sure grip, 2 slotted tips for patches, and cleaning patches
- 10 bronze bore brushes
- Comes in aluminum carrying case w/ latches and carry handles