HFC airsoft DE 6'' Revolver Plastic green gas - Black

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The HFC 4" Savaging Bull REVOLVER is a great gas saving starter pistol. Since the revolver is non-blow back there is no gas being used to move a slide, therefore all of the gun's effort is concentrated at propelling the BB. Each "slug" is metal holds one BB, which helps the revolver stay true to it's real counterpart. The handle is where the gas is stored, and is made of durable plastic, as well as most of the gun's receiver. To add to the durability and realism the barrel and chamber hinge is made of metal. The rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation. This is a great novelty pistol as well as a great gas saver for hardcore players like yourself!

Manufacturer: HFC
Muzzle Velocity: 220-230FPS w/0.2 BB's
Revolver Capacity: 6, 1 BB for shell
Gas Type: Green Gas
Package Includes: gun, 6 shells, manual

Colour: Black

Please Note:

  • Gas is NOT included.