Angel Ultimate DYNA Piston Head for WE TM Hi-CAPA M9 P226 1911 A

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  • Re-sized with accurate dimensions to minimize air-loss
  • CNC Aluminum and teflon coated for smooth operation
  • The highest level precision DYNA piston head in the market
  • Fixes inherited air leakage issue in stock Tokyo Marui & WE Hi-capa / 1911
  • Made from high quality CNC machined aluminum
  • Exploding O-Ring design for optimum airflow
  • Hard anodized coating

The Angel Ultimate DYNA piston head was developed for the Tokyo Marui & WE system because an imperfection of the stock were located. Most after-market products will have the same specification as the stock resulting slight wobbling and air leakage during blowback operation. Marui's original piston cup construction and WE-Tech's 1911 series can all have the air leakage issue resolved with this upgrade. This piston head is 100% CNC with the re-sized dimension, with anodized and Teflon coated surface treatment resulting smooth operation, superb air seal and maximum performance.

Manufacturer: Angel Custom


Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Treatment: Anodized & Teflon coated.
Compatibility: For WE-Tech, Tokyo Marui, KJW, VFC, APS, Socom Gear, and other compatible 1911, Hi-CAPA, SAI BLU, and P226 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols